Report a Crime Safely and Anonymously

Did you know that any crime or tip you report to us is done anonymously though a secure system?

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How it Works

Earn rewards by reporting crime safely and anonymously.

The Crime Stoppers system is setup to allow you to report a crime or a tip anonymously through our secure tip process.  We will not ask for your name!

» Call: 1-800-554-5245 (JAIL)
» Report a tip anonymously online

If your tip leads to an arrest and or conviction you may be eligible for a reward up to $1,000.

If you have information on a crime, simply call 1-800-554-5245. You are not required to give your name, and you may be eligible to receive a cash reward.

How Our System Ensures Your Anonymity

Through an extensive communications network between the community, law enforcement and the media, Crimestoppers solicits information from citizens whenever a crime is committed.

When you call with information, you are given an ID number by which you are identified in all follow-up contacts with the Crimestoppers organization. You will then be directed to call back on regular occasions to determine if your information has helped to arrest and indict a perpetrator.

Once an indictment has been secured, Crimestoppers pays out a cash reward to you for providing the information.

NOTE: All individuals who are featured on our "Wanted" billboards or any other "Wanted" advertisement are selected solely by law enforcement. All suspect's photos and warrant information stating charges, etc. are supplied and verified by the law enforcement agency submitting the information. Law enforcement is responsible for verifying that warrants are current as of the publication date and are asked to inform Crimestoppers if and when the suspect has been apprehended. Crimestoppers does not select individuals but refers to our law enforcement partners to select cases to be promoted.